We do have electric hook-ups and some water hook-ups,
    and a sewer dump station.
    Daily Fees
    No Refunds No Exceptions.
    For the safety of our members, all daily visitors will
    be REQUIRED to provide ID at time of registration.
    Couples / Single Females:
    $30.00 per day Monday through Thursday
    $40.00 per day Friday through Sunday
    $40.00 per day for Holidays
    Single Males:
    $40.00 per day Monday through Thursday
    $45.00 per day Friday through Sunday
    $45.00 per day for Holidays
    In addition to daily fees.
    $5.00 per night staying with others or tent camping.
    $10.00 per night for small campers.
    $15.00 per night for large campers.

    Cabins are available on a limited basis and are $70.00 on the weekdays
    & $90.00 on the weekends/holidays per night,
    in addition to your daily fees. They are on a first come first serve basis.
    Reservations are taken in person at the front desk with payment in full.

  • Sun Aura is a nudist resort and while clothing is optional,
    nudity is encouraged.

  • Drugs are PROHIBITED on our premises.  Possession,
    use or sale of any controlled substance will result in loss
    of membership and any and all evidence will be turned
    over to the Newton County Sheriff.

  • Responsible use of alcoholic beverages is permitted by
    members twenty one (21) years of age and older.  We
    do NOT sell nor may ANYONE else sell alcohol on our

  • Only licensed drivers may operate a motor vehicle within
    the campground.

  • You MUST have an I.D. and be twenty-one (21) years of
    age or older to enter the campground.

  • CAUTION must be used when building fires.  They must
    be limited to designated areas.  Fires may be restricted
    or prohibited during times of severe winds and/or dry

  • Photographic equipment of any kind to include cell
    phone cameras ARE NOT PERMITTED .

  • Hunting, fishing, and use of firearms, BB guns, etc. are
    not permitted.

  • Friendly pets are permitted but must be under their
    owner's control at all times and on a leash.  Members are restricted to one dog.  Owners are responsible for "cleaning up"  after their pets.  Pets are not permitted in the Club House or in the pool area.

  • Campsites are assigned by Sun Aura personnel only.  
    Absolutely no camping in the pool area.  Any sale of
    trailers or cabins MUST be approved by the

  • Speed limit in camp is five (5) miles per hour and will be

  • No one other than employees may reside at Sun Aura.

  • No cutting of trees without permission of management.

  • Management will not accept indiscreet behavior from

  • Lights on all golf carts must be used after dusk.

  • No lawn mowing or other loud noise prior to 10:00 A.M.
    or after midnight.

  • For those of you that don't know, nudists always have a
    towel with them.  You MUST use a towel to sit on
    wherever you are in camp.

  • You MUST shower with soap and water before entering
    the pool, hot tub, or sauna.

  • "No" means "No" so do not bother anyone that has told
    you "No!"

  • You MUST be completely nude to enter the pool or the
    hot tub.
Prices & Rules